We also undertake AMC and repairing work of the industrial sewing machine by our expert. Feel free to call us for AMC and repairing work on 7208268299/ 9987890470


We, ISM established in year 2005, stand for Industrial Sewing Machine, are dealer and supplier of all kinds of industrial sewing machine. At ISM we are always committed to Customers Satisfaction, it is in an effort to be closer to our valued customer. Over the years we have expanded our operation significantly through all over India at important apparel production clusters and has full fledged presence with adequate customers and support today.

Initially we are established at Mumbai as our Head Office. We are further strengthened by the presence of agents, sub-dealer who helps in dealing the branded products to the customers which includes JUKI, EASTMAN, ROTONDI etc. We are continuously strengthened our brand to new and popular manufacturer who has been reigning in this industry. Moreover, we are additionally focusing on improved customer relationships.

Our dedicated technical engineers and specialist team from ISM provide customer with machine knowledge, machine installation and maintenance services. Additionally, we are also planning to conduct product exhibits and training camp and training to all valued customers and prospective buyers with the aim of providing technical and operational know-how of industrial sewing machines.

We also provide support for our industrial customers in the form of services and software, such as assisting apparel manufactures in improving productivity, developing highly efficient production systems, and improving the work environment.

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