The true alternative in small dry-cleaning shops and laundries for quality and productivity in the finishing of ironing men’s or women’s shirts, smocks, doctor’s suit, jackets and overcoats.



Feature and strength

  • Strong and complete steam distribution , moistens – the fabric to remove creases
  • Hot air blowing presses and dries the fabric
  • Front and rear paddle to hold the garment in place
  • Time switch programmed through digital electronic control panel
  • Automatic stretching ahead and upright of the arms and clamps
  • Return and sleeve stretching by air operated regulation
  • Adjustable air blowing to comply at garment variety
  • Supplied with a pair of sleevers and clamps
  • Built-in vacuum motor for simply installation
  • For shirts, jacket and doctor suits processing
  • Productivity 40 pc/h – Super heating device

Main Options:

  • Water Spray Guns

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