Feature and strength

  • Even distribution of steam all over the cabin moistens the fabric to remove creases
  • Hot air blowing operation dries the fabric
  • Jacket finishing device with extending shoulder , shapes and support the garments
  • Automatic start on door closing, simplifies the operation
  • Range of sleevers and clamps for better garment tensioning
  • Trouser waist and legs expander for accessories
  • Time switch programmed through digital electronic control panel, available to set till 20 different working cycles installation


Main Option

  • additional finishing and trouser devices for high production
  • Multiple hanger device enables conditioning hanged garments
  • Side support for additional finishing device
  • Additional side holding frame
  • Built-in steam boiler simplifies
  • Built-in ventilator fan 1 or 1,5 Hp for easy installation


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