The true alternative for quality and productivity in the ironing finishing of men’s and women’s shirts.

SR-3000/V-Steam operated. To be connected to centralised steam plant. Suitable for ironing wet and dry shirts. Steam consumption : 25 – 30 kg/h

SR-3000/E-Electric operation for wet shirts. Consumption of electricity 24 KW



Feature and strength

  • Stainless steel heated form, vacuum, blowing and steaming (only SR-3000/V).
  • Automatic vacuum in the body for easy positioning of the shirt.
  • Digital computer for control of all the phases of preparation and ironing functions- 9 programs – with piece metre. User friendly software.
  • Pneumatic collar blocking.
  • Pneumatic opening of shoulders, based on size.
  • Automatic tensioning of shirt sides.
  • Front paddle electronically heated for ironing of front placket, with electronic thermostat.
  • Front and back pneumatic paddles to block shirt bottom, with photocell.
  • Steam superheater with electronic thermostat up to 200°C.
  • Automatic sleeve tensioning.
  • Blowing motor at 2,2 KW-3 HP. Separate vacuum motor at 0,55KW -0,75HP
  • Blowing quantity adjustable electronically.
  • EC-2002 iron with stainless steel plate for ironing shirt pockets

Main Options:

  • JOY – Joystick for automatic positioning of short-sleeve and long-sleeve clamps.
  • Automatic discharge device from the shoulders or from the hanger.

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