Manual form finisher for ironing men’s and women’s jackets and overcoats.

Available in two versions:

QAD-1-Without a built-in generator-to be connected to a centralised steam plant.

QAD-2-With a built-in electric steam generator, meeting the PED standards- capacity 20 litres-10-13,5 KW



  • Body rotating 360°, height 127 cm. (Upon request, 147 cm.).
  • Front and back paddle with manual closing.
  • Manual opening of shoulders, based on size.
  • Mini-computer for programming the timing of steam, steam with blowing and blowing-9 programs-piece metre. User friendly software.
  • Wood sleeve stretchers and stainless steel clamps for closing of vents.
  • Blowing motor at 1,3 KW-1,7HP.
  • Manually adjustable air-blowing quantity.
  • Manual extra steam and air-blowing using computer.
  • Steam consumption: 15 kg/h

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