The Buzzaird® rotary shear is available with different shaped blades to maximize shearing, chopping or slicing of technical fabrics. The air powered motor provides an alternative solution to facilities where electric power is not sustainable.

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  • Engineered with a 20,000 RPM pneumatic motor
  • Eastman’s most powerful rotary shear with the highest torque and greatest RPM
  • Optional Pelican head designed for cutting lofted material
  • Optional swivel sharpener is equipped with a 30 degree ball tip shear plate for close edge trimming.


Motors 60-90psi
Horsepower .33hp
Weight 3 lbs. (1.36 kg)
Blades Standard: Semi-Square Optional: Circular, Octagon
Options Pressure Foot, Ball Tip, Pelican, 30 Degree Point, Swivel Sharpener, Shear Foot
Blade Size 2.03 in. (5.16cm)
Cutting Capacity 0.38 in. (0.96cm)
Disclaimer All indicated specifications, dimensions, weights and performance data are approximate and subject to change without notice

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