Garment Finishing Equipment in Maharashtra

We provide every instrument and machine used in the garment finishing in the garment and textile industry. The range of garment finishing equipment includes garment washing machines, washer extractor, garment dyer, auto dry cleaning machine, packaging machine, ironing board, garment folding machine, steam boiler, ironing board and table, stain removing machine, electric iron press, ironing machine(auto and flat work ironing machine) needle detector, top loading washing machine, commercial washing machine, vacuum ironing table, fusing press machine, thread suction machine etc.


Our single minded focus to the customer satisfaction has enabled us to provide all options to our clients in the best garment finishing equipment in the Maharashtra. All the products will be in manual semi- automated and fully automated mode. The company ensures that clients are able to receive the garment finishing equipment without delay in their operations. The garment finishing equipment is appreciated in the market for their smooth operations, flawless performance, durability, and user friendly features and easy to maintenance costs.

The Garment finishing equipment in Maharashtra is tested on various quality parameters before the final delivery to the client. The technical services and maintenance services are provided to the client to ensure the production line is never stopped due to the breakdown of the garment finishing equipment. The clients are given all the technical support to install the garment finishing equipment in their factories and manufacturing places by the experienced technicians of our company.

Our after sale services ensure that the equipment continues to operate smoothly at the users end. The tunnel finisher comes with both gas and steam heating with capacity to 1600 items per hour. The ranges of finishing presses are available for both dry laundry and dry cleaning without and with vacuum suction. The presses have multiple buck units for general purpose work or for a special shirt or uniform sets. The iron table is in many sizes and shapes to suit the particular need of the client. The rail system matches the tunnel finishers, and comes with loading units, unloading units and buffer lines to match the laundry and hanger process. The high speed sorting system sorts work wear garments at the speed of 2000 garments per hour. The folders are suitable for most work wear and hospital wear garments in both automatic and manual modes. The folder can work on 400- 700 garments per hour.